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Dry Eye Diva @ JNJ InSight Studio

As part of the JNJ InSight Studio Series, Dry Eye Diva, Leslie O’Dell, OD, discussed dry eye disease and beauty products with Tracy Doll, OD, coordinator of Pacific Dry Eye Solutions at Pacific University.

Do patient discuss their makeup habits with their eye doctor? According to Dry Eye Diva research, more than 90% of women do not. Dr. Doll makes a point of discussing beauty routines and potential risk factors with her patients. However, as beauty can be a touchy subject, it’s not always easy to begin the conversation! It’s like trying to get a patient to eat kale instead of cookies — Yeah, right?! Diets or beauty routines are tricky and personal.

Dr. Doll offers a special questionnaire to patients that asks them specifically what cosmetics they use in order to identify key eye-offending ingredients in their beauty products. For the long-lush-lash-obsessed, that discussion is even more intimidating. Taking away long lashes is up there with removing a body part! So, best course is to educate patients about healthier practices and recommend some alternatives. Some swaps include:

  • Formaldehyde-free eyelash glue

  • More natural-length lashes

  • Fewer eyelash extensions (partial fills)

We don’t have to take away people’s beauty, but we can work with it. Amen, Dr. Doll!

Thanks Johnson & Johnson Vision for inviting Dry Eye Diva to partake in your Insight video series! We look forward to sharing more soon with the OD community!

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