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Dry Eye Diva @ JNJ InSight Studio

As part of the JNJ InSight Studio Series, Dry Eye Diva of the East, Leslie O'Dell OD discussed high-end optical treatments with Selina McGee OD. Times are changing for private optometric practices, as patients visit their eye care providers for not only vision exams and disease treatments, but also ocular aesthetics and cosmetic enhancements.

Selina explained that in her private practice, she offers an effective blend of medical and cosmetic, where her cosmetic treatments can reveal certain potential medical symptoms and vice versa. Sometimes dry eye patients' lifestyles can sabotage their own treatments -- so it's very important (and fun) to educate the patients about their aesthetics choices and their beauty product purchases.

There is not a one-size-fits-all for dry eye or aesthetics, so it's good to customize treatments. Great suggestion, Selina!

Thanks Johnson & Johnson Vision for inviting Dry Eye Diva to partake in your Insight video series! We look forward to sharing more soon with the OD community!


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