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Top 10 Eye Makeup Minefields To Avoid

Remember when you were a kid and your parents blocked you from the forbidden cabinetry: the bathroom cabinet filled with medicines and the kitchen cabinet packed with cleaning supplies? They warned you of these dangerous products that were “bad” for children. Well, today you're hopefully smart enough to not pop prescription pills like TicTacs nor imbibe the toilet bowl cleaner, but this time the danger is lurking right in front of your eyes. That's right. Every time you use cosmetics, you are potentially introducing toxic chemicals and pharmaceuticals to your body. Culprits include alcohol, anti-freeze, acids, and a range of seemingly innocuous ingredients that act as endocrine disruptors. Dry Eye Diva uncovered massive exposure to chemicals in popular skin care products, including those expensive lines at department store beauty counters. As eye care practitioners, we try to ferret out the “bad guys” in a patient's daily cosmetic or skincare routine in order to educate them about dry eye-exacerbating ingredients. The battle never ends, but information is your best weapon. Start by​​ looking at the label before you buy products. Even if you're not a dry eye sufferer, you may wind up becoming one with continued exposure to these ingredients.

And wellness seekers beware, as not all ingredients sound harmful. Some of the trendy, but all-natural and earthy ingredients, such as crushed diamonds, are terrorizing to the tear film. So dry eye darlings, leave the jewels adorning your fingers and far away from those gorgeous eyes.


Here is a list of 10 ocular surface-offending ingredients*

Dry Eye Diva recommends you avoid, if possible:

* Some ingredients are hidden or listed by different names.

Read the Scientific Article this post is based on: When Beauty Talk Turns Ugly


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