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Dry Eye Diva @ JNJ InSight Studio

Dry Eye Diva of the East, Leslie O'Dell OD sat down with Jenny Redfern OD as part of the JNJ InSight Studio Series to chat about adding speciality services with a dry eye focus to a practice. Many dry eye patients silently suffer and optometrists need to engage them in conversation about their lifestyles, fluctuating vision, and their tearing. Before you rip out your contact lenses, speak with your eye care provider! 

They also chatted about work/life balance. As mothers, both to two young children, it can be tough to find an equilibrium. Jenny gave some helpful advice about always being present in-the-moment! Let go of the 'Mom guilt'! Great insight, Jenny! We appreciate all you do to help the patients you serve.

Thanks Johnson & Johnson Vision for inviting Dry Eye Diva to partake in your Insight video series! We look forward to sharing more soon with the OD community!


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