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Ever get makeup goo on your contact lens? How to you clean it? How do you clean your lenses without hurting your eyes? Learn some Dry Eye Diva Dos & Don'ts for eye makeup usage and contact lens wear.

Water + Contacts Don't Mix

It's True: Bugs are having sex on your eyelashes! From fake eyelashes to mascara and eyeliner, eye makeup in general is a foodie feast for mites. Remove your lashes, wash your face, and listen to the Dry Eye Divas talk about how cosmetics impact your eye health.

You Bug Me! Eyelash Mishaps
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Dry Eye Divas debrief listeners with fresh intel from their lobbying trip to the U.S. Congress on Capitol Hill, where they highlighted Dry Eye Awareness Month and touted their 'Beauty Should Not Hurt' message.

DC Debriefing

Do you know the what's hidden within 'over the counter' (OTC) cosmetic products? We dive deep into the world of dry eye and ocular aesthetics with the Dry Eye Divas, Amy Gallant Sullivan, Dr. Laura Periman, and Dr. Leslie O'Dell.

What's Lies Beneath
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