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Amy is executive director and co-founder of TFOS, a global foundation committed to the education, research and advancement of next-generation vision through the cross-pollination of biotech, life sciences and tech. While not a medical professional, Amy grew up surrounded by science, medicine and the discussion of dry eye. Her father, dr. David a. Sullivan, is a world-renowned PhD, whose life's research has focused on sex, hormones and the eye, particularly how this triad relates to dry eye disease. During 'shoptalk' with her dad—a conversation she vividly recalls fifteen years ago in Paris' Place Saint Michel — Amy had an 'aha' moment and dove into researching the correlation between cosmetic usage and dry eye. Today she continues this mission with campaigns aimed at educating women of the dangers of toxic beauty.


Prior to launching TFOS, Amy worked in the tech and financial sectors during the era, focusing on strategic pr, branding, e-commerce and media relations for Europe, Asia-pacific & the Americas. She began her career at fidelity investments specializing in international business, where she developed marketing communications strategies for the us and south American markets.


When not educating the world on eye health, Amy is a startup advisor, published author and habitué of the arts. As co-founder of the Italian & international patrons of the arts in the Vatican museums, she passionately promotes the perpetuation and preservation of the arts, building global awareness for the museums' collections, including multi-sensory exhibits for the visually impaired. Amy speaks English, French, Italian, Spanish and basic Portuguese, and has lived in France, Italy, Argentina and Spain. She earned her bachelor of science from Boston university, in mass communication and public relations. An avid globetrotter, Amy enjoys tasting Michelin-star experiences, writing books, photographing life, training for half-marathons,  and hunting for antique treasures at Marché Aux Puces in Paris. Today Amy is based in Boston, Massachusetts.



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